Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rome... gelato, piazzas, and little cars.

Piazza navona.
With the traveling, the start of graduate school and all of the other wonderful things in life that let me be out and about and not glued to a computer, I have not been updating my blog in a couple of weeks. :S

This summer has been busy for me, and I've been wanting to write tons of posts about everything I've done, so now I have to play catch up. Today marks a fresh start to blogging and I'm back for good!

Update #1: Italy and Spain
With my family, I traveled to Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Toledo, and Madrid. There's so much to say about all those experiences but I have to start somewhere...

Rome. What an amazing city. There are no words to describe how gorgeous it is. There have been millions of articles written about how fascinating it is, what to do when you're there, its intensely rich history, etc. So, I won't bore you with the details.
Yummmmmmy gelato.
Apart from all the go-to touristy things, just being in the city was my favorite part. With all the pizza eating, wine drinking, and gelato enjoying, I have to say Italian cuisine is one of my favorites.

Also the dozens of wonderful Roman piazzas were relaxing and impressively safe (even at nighttime). Not many great cities in the world boast so many safe, enjoyable plazas where families and friends can go to enjoy a gelato, a stroll or simply a good conversation.

Walking along the streets of Rome, another big impression is the cars. These tiny little things, most of them smaller than smart cars, park anywhere they want. The experienced Roman drivers can fit into practically any tiny space. But watch out for those motorcycles... you never know when one's going to turn a corner!

View from Hotel Medici window.
The tiniest of tiny.