Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'll Miss: CMIR and Weimer

Independent study group with Dean Wright
in the CMIR lab.

When I first heard of "Weimer," the name of the building for the College of Journalism and Communications, my first thoughts were that the name was a little funny. Little did I know that I would be spending most of my college times in weirdly-named place.                      

Weimer and I have had long, studious nights together. Weimer has seen the best and worst of me. And now that I'm heading off to graduate school to get my Masters' in International Business, I know I will miss Weimer. 
The College of Journalism and Communication has given me so much. I've learned so much from its professors. Never had I thought that I would be able to work with such amazing technology and equipment. WUFT has a full-fledged television studio, comparable to any local news station.

WUFT camera.
The CMIR Lab is one of the most interesting, new marvels held within the walls of Weimer hall. It's called the Center for Media Innovation and Research. Designed for all majors in the college, this news lab is the epitome of synergy. As the website says, the lab "will push the limits of digital media, providing an outlet for student and faculty projects that tell stories in new ways."

Because the lab opened this year, I have not gotten a chance to work in it as much as I would like to. I know this will be a tremendous resource for other students in the future. This is one of the many perks to studying in one of the best schools for journalism in the country. I will definitely miss my life as a Weimer girl.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Live Vibe TV: Signs of Life Performance


Signs of Life, UF's hip-hop theatre group is performing tonight at 8pm at the Digital Worlds Institute. Tune into Live Vibe TV to watch online. As the host of Live Vibe, I'll be doing a special interview with the actors after the show.  Make sure to tune in!

Signs of Life, el grupo de teatro de hip-hop de UF, va a tener un show esta noche a las 20:00 en el Digital Worlds Institute. Podés entrar a 
Live Vibe TV para mirar por la Internet. Como conductora de Live Vibe, voy a hacer una entrevista especial con los actores después del espectáculo. Contectáte!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gainesville Fashion Week: Opening Night

Gainesville Fashion Week is bigger and better than ever this year. The third annual GFW officially kicked off last night at Sharab with the opening night art celebration. My art was featured in the event, as well as other local artists' work. 

With it's pink carpet, guests felt like hollywood stars photographed by the "paparazzi." This social event definitely gives Gainesville that big-deal feel and gives aspiring models and designers a sense of what it's like to be in the spotlight.

Photo Credit: Insite Magazine

Photo: Insite.

Inside Sharab Lounge.
Photo: Insite

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lake City Crimes

WUFT story this week about the recent influx of crimes in the small town of Lake City, about an hour from Gainesville.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sol y Playa... Un Día Perfecto

Playa Ocean Reaf. Singer Island, Florida. West Palm Beach.

Mucha gente va al Caribe a irse de vacaciones. Algunos capaz a las playas de Brazil, Hawaii, o Fiji... depende donde vivís. ¿Pero porqué iría a estos lugares, si tengo ésta playa tan cerca?

Las playas de la Florida son unas de las más lindas del mundo. Tengo amigos que han ido a otras partes más "exóticas" y dicen que no vale la pena...

También, ¿en cual otro estado podría salir a la playa a principios de Abril?  En Nueva York recién están viendo el pasto después de meses con la nieve fría y fea. En Seattle todavía se están poniendo las camperotas cuando salen.

Prefiero la Florida, con su arena caliente y sol ardiente.
Ocean Reaf.

Monday, April 4, 2011

"The Tipping Point": Book Review

The dawn of the Hush Puppies shoes craze began with a group of hipsters. The development of the most popular children's show of all time, Sesame Street evolved from what was "sticky" to preschoolers. The small, close-knit groups of women suddenly made an obscure book, "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood", intensely popular. All these social epidemics share one thing in common: they each have a tipping point.

Hush Puppies Ad.
One of the funniest I found.
In "The Tipping Point," Malcom Gladwell argues there are distinct ingredients that lead to the creation of each phenomena. The combination of these ingredients lead to a threshold where something little becomes something great. A simple fashion idea becomes a national trend, a downward drift in crime turns into the an all-time low in crime rate. A simple message by horse mobilizes so many people and begins a revolutionary war. This is what Gladwell calls the "tipping point."

Gladwell doesn't provide ground-less how-to formulas. Instead, he provides a range of countless real-world examples from history, scientific studies, personality types, and expert opinions. All together he creates an intensely interesting idea. I found myself reading and reading the entire book so quickly without realizing the amount of crucial information I had just taken in.

On the front cover of my paperback version of "The Tipping Point," there is a quote by Fortune that says, "A fascinating book that makes you see the world in a different way." I had not noticed the quote until I finished, sat it down, and took a moment to take it all in. "Yes," I thought, "I do see the world in a different way."

That's because this book is unlike any thing I have ever read. I was utterly entertained while I was learning, and learning to think of things in visionary ways. I now find myself wondering about the tipping points of current social epidemics like Facebook and bloggers (like me).

Memories from childhood: Blues Clues
It's impossible to praise all the ingenious elements in "The Tipping Point," but I will touch upon some of my favorite moments in the book. Having younger siblings, I grew up watching Blue's Clues. When Gladwell began to talk about the reasoning behind the "Blue's Clues" phenomena, it was as if he was talking about an old friend.

The Nickelodeon children's show's tipping point is explained by the stickiness factor: the idea that the show is so captivating that it makes children pay attention, and thus learn. I remember being strikingly obsessed with Blue's Clues, even though I was well passed the four and five-year-old audience age.

Gladwell also writes about the different affects of persuasion. In part one of "The Power of Context" chapter, Gladwell describes how certain situations can make people act in certain ways. He illustrates the famous 1970's psychology experiment where normal people were separated into prisoners and prison guards and within days the guards fell into the power-hungry, cruel role and the prisoners into the rebellious role.

This illustrates one idea in "The Tipping Point."
It's the idea that three specific kinds of people
bring about social epidemics.
There was almost a scary undertone to his conclusive sentence: "…there are instances where you can take normal people from good schools and happy families and good neighborhoods and powerfully affect their behavior merely by changing their immediate details of their situation."

Although it might not seem possible at first thought, there are logical reasons behind every social phenomenon. Gladwell's intriguing book illustrates the power behind good communication and ideas. This fundamental knowledge in the world where everyone is trying to create a good social epidemic of their own.